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Jeff Nix / Northern Illinois
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"Thank you for considering me and Fox River Firearms Training to help you in your journey to self-defense. It is my honor to help each of my students achieve their goals no matter their level of prior learning. You can expect attention to detail, experience to empower you, and an attitude of caring and competence each step of the way. We can and will do this together!" 

Instructor Credentials are Essential to YOUR Individual Success
Jeff Nix has decades of firearms and training experience . . .

I began my instructor journey in 2010 although I have been shooting guns since I was young. It was an honor to have the mentorship of my NRA Training Counselor, Tom who I miss dearly since his passing, and from whom I learned what my responsibilities are as an instructor and mentor to what are now many men and women who have trusted me in their self-protection journey. Since then, i have pursued other instructor training credentials, some good, some great; but most importantly I have built an excellent offering of courses that will help you, a civilian, to increase your odds of prevailing when seconds count. Best of all, we not only prepare you for the fight of your life, but how to avoid it completely.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you in your journey as a student or an instructor, I look forward to hearing from you. For me, as the time flies by, I always look forward to your call, text or email and taking the next journey with you!

Since 2013


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NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

Since 2013


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Become a NRA Range Safety Officer


Since 2022


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to Increase the Odds You Will Prevail in Self-Defense 

Since 2023

SFWA MASTER  Instructor

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Since 2017

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor

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Concealed Carry and Home Defense Course

Since 2018

USCCA Instructor Training Counselor

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Let Me Help You Become an USCCA Instructor

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Why I am a SFWA Certified Instructor and Master Trainer . . .
Because Critical Thinking is Important for Critical Situations that require Critical Actions in Critical Timing

Only training based on critical thinking can help you put the critical pieces together to be able to act rather than react during what will most likely be less than a minute in time. SFWA's exclusive courses designed for civilians are not the same ol' basics with advanced training that comes from a military or law enforcement perspective.

Honoring those who serve and protect our communities and our country comes easy when you truly understand the situations they face everyday. However, as a civilian the self-defense dynamic is very different and the laws we must follow are not the same as an "on-duty" officer.  The techniques I teach as a SFWA Master Instructor are totally to empower civilians within their daily lifestyles to survive a fight for their life and the legal aftermath when the use of deadly force was necessary.

Importantly, SFWA Certified Instructors are selected By Invitation Only and are comprehensively trained.

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JEFF NIX, Certified Instructor and Training Counselor

CALL: (630) 552-8815  / TEXT: (630)-229-8255
Location: 10 N. Hugh Street, Plano, IL 60545